Wauchope Overnight (RR)

Ride report: 25-26 July 2018

  • Colored tracks are planned route, replace by red line as recorded track when completed,
  • orange dots are spotwalla data points (using BubbleGPS) – 10 minute intervals
  • There may picture icons which contain photos and standard message icons for breaks.
  • S & F – start and finish.
  • Toms Creek Road – stunning opening views north into the valley, a great track, 26 km joining Innes View Rd to Oxley Highway.
  • Black Flat Lane – Borserio Drive and Black Flat lane was also a great track – 16km running from Mount George to Bulga Rd.
  • Scenic Route to Ellenborough Falls – Blue Knob Lookout was a nice place to re-visit. The views were a bit more misty this time so no view of the coast, but I decided to go back to the scenic route rather than continue on to Rowleys Rock Lookout.
general route

Wauchope Overnight GPX 2.43 MB 7 downloads

2 GPX Tracks IN and OUT from Salt Ash to Wauchope NSW for an overnight ride. Recording...

From Nelson Bay, via:

Karuah, Buladelah, Wang Wauk Forest, Bunyah, Krambach, Mount George, Killabakh, Toms Creek, Ellenborough, Wauchope, Mount Seaview, Blue Knob, Ellensborough Falls, Bobin, Belbora, Bunyah, Bulahdelah.

Number of Riders
1 – drop on Killabakh Rd
1 – near miss with a logging truck

I had to back track along Crawford Road. The crossing at Lees Creek was mostly dry but very large boulders made even walking the bike across pretty sketchy. Being a solo ride, I eliminated that risk. The road leading in was also sketchy (I ignored the ‘Road Closed’ sign) but a look up the other side north of Lees Creek revealed that there had been very little traffic on that section for quite some time.

Beautiful country roads, especially north of Mount George. Obvious signs of better rainfall in these northern areas compared with points south.

The section of road between Kimriki and Bundook (Somerset Rd) is through private property. I took a liberty here. At the end of Somerset Rd a cattle grate with no gate was marked with signs ‘Private Property’, ‘No thoroughfare’ and ‘End of Council Maintenance’. A large property and a reasonably good road with no gates at all went west past 3-4 other ‘private’ holdings which did have locked entry gates keeing me on the main road. I past one ute and trailer going in the other direction and we waved at each other. There was no attempt to halt me or question my presence.


Wang Wauk Forest way from Wootton Way to Horses Creek Rd is used heavily by logging truck. The road is in very good condition which encourages the trucks to speed. I had about 3ft to pass an oncoming truck on an almost blind bend. The truck would have been going 70kph and I would have been almost the same. I had to take aim into a large cloud of dust and pray. So be warned.


Overnight accommodation at the Hastings Hotel in Wauchope. Good value at $50/n single. Good restaurant, great pork burger special and secure parking in either the bottle shop of the beer garden overnight.

OSM Map Corrections
wauchope - old highway
Entry to Old Highway

Open Street Maps is missing ‘Old Highway’ which is a track joining Oxley Highway to Yarras Mountain Trail. The gated entry to Old Highway only has a ‘Cattle Ahead’ sign, otherwise it is innocuous. The LPI NSW basemap shows the track alignment, Google earth reveals some risks in crossing certain sections. But this route provides very good access from Doyles River Rd to Oxley Highway. Blue route added to OSM.

Latest Edits to Open Street Maps

next time

Doyles River Road looks interesting, I’m sure there a way to get from Costigans Rd map off Oxley Hwy south through Yarras into Biriwal Bulga NP and onto Doyles River Rd. Try Old Highway.

There must also be a way to get from Doyles River Rd to Innes View Rd

I missed a visit the planned visit to Rowleys Rock Lookout which would also have brought me down through Wherrol Flat Road and back thru Black Flat Lane to Mount George.


Planned: 300kms up, 337km back, Actual 729kms

Ambient Temp 7-23C
Max Engine Temp (at front rocker cover) 134C
Road Conditions no rain
all roads dry & dusty
some causeways
very little water
Costs Fuel: $50
O/N: $50 (plus meals)
Tyres: $25

And I did all this with my front wheel valve nut locked up under the valve cap and not against the rim as per BMW Service Bulletin 2066.

Myall Lakes NP (RR)

Ride Report: 15 July 2018


  • Colored tracks are planned route, replace by red line as recorded track when completed,
  • orange dots are spotwalla data points (using BubbleGPS)
  • blue markers are recorded GPS points.
  • There may picture icons which contain photos and standard message icons for breaks.
  • S & F – start and finish.

The old railway bridge on Horses Creek Road and the 2.5kms of single track – Whites Trail – which runs off Glen Road.

General Route


Myall Lakes GPX 1.23 MB 4 downloads

One GPX track through the Myall Lakes National Park to The Glen Nature Reserve and...

A “latte run” to Wang Wauk State Forest, The Glen Nature Reserve, Ghin Doo-ee  National Park and Myall Lakes National Park.

Number of  Riders

Whites Trail runs into Jeep Trail and the south end of Bourkes Road. This is the eastern Whites Trail – see below for the western Whites Trail. Bourkes Road is missing from OSM but is a dead-end to the north on Google Maps. The LPI NSW map shows Bourkes Road running back to Glen Road. Something to check next time.

Google Maps is accurate with the regard to the position of the intersection of Kings Mountain Trail and Cabbage Tree Road. Kings Mountain Track is missing from OSM which needs to be corrected. Kings Mountain Track on OSM is actually Little River Trail so it needs to be renamed and re-aligned.

The LPI NSW map definitely shows a track from Cabbage Tree Rd just south of the Comms Station to Terreel Road. This one appears to finish at Terreel Road through a property gate. There’s also another Whites Trail running west off Jeep Trail (north of Kings Mountain Trail) which also joins Strangers Corner Road.

Terreel Road actually runs north to Glen Road. Strangers Corner Road runs off Terreel Road to the west and connects with the western Whites Trail.

The Comms Station along Cabbage Tree Road was the highest elevation for the day at 671m. The highest point along Koolonook Rd was 354m.



OSM Map Corrections

Open Street Maps was missing the single track service road (Whites Trail) joining  The Glen Road to Jeep Trail. Little River Trail was incorrectly named Kings Mountain Trail and Kings Mountain Trail was also missing. The LPI NSW basemap shows the track alignments. Terreel Road and Bourkes Road have also been extended north to The Glen Road.

Next Time

Try to connect Cabbage Tree Rd with Terreel Rd and The Glen Rd


Actual: 350kms

Trip Log: Ambient Temp 9-16C; Max Engine Temp 137C (at front Rocker Cover); Conditions: no rain, all roads dry except for sections of Cabbage Tree Rd near the Comms Station; Fuel $24.

Northern NSW (RR)

Northern NSW – Ride Report
Enfield Range Road
Enfield Range Road (click to enlarge)
  • Enfield Range Rd, Coachwood Rd, Killiekrankie Lookout, Shipmans and Black Mountain Rd, Doboy and Ramornie Rd, David and Lodge Rd, Spiral Loop Lookout, Paddys Flat Road, Sandy Flat and Coxs Road, Old Glenn Innes Road, Kempsey/Armidale Road.
Degree of Difficulty

Most of the tracks on this ride were Level 1 however the following sections were all Level 2:

  • Day 2 Coachwood Rd
  • Day 3 From Taylors Arm to Killiekrankie (north of Killiekrankie returned to a cruisy Level 1)
  • Day 5 north of Jiggi to Nimbim

Northern NSW GPX 6.79 MB 23 downloads

Southern Tracks Several gpx tracks from the northern NSW ride over 8 days to Rathdownie...
  • From Nelson Bay return, via:
    Krambach, Mummel Gulf, Werrikimbe and Willi Willi NP, Taylors Arm, Bowraville, Killiekrankie, Bellingen, Glenreagh, Nymboida, Ramornie State Forest, Coaldale, Casino, Nimbin, Kyoggle, Rathdownie, Tenterfield, Ebor, Bellbrook.
Day 1: To New Country Swamp Campsite – Mummel Gulf

I headed out early into some poor weather, but I made it north and out of the rain quite quickly. Fortunately, by the time I reached Bunyah, the skies had cleared and things continued to improve through Bellbrook and Bundock. Enfield Range Road was definitely a first day highlight. I had to stop for a photo and some video footage of that track.

The campground is well maintained with plenty of firewood and I had it all to myself. It was windy overhead during the night but the camp ground is well protected from the elements because it’s on the edge of a ridge.

Day 2: To Taylors Arm

An early start was easy and the roads were good thru Werrikimbe and Willi Willi NP. Coachwood Road had received some maintenance since the last time I’d gone through but there’s a very steep section just after a river gully. This time it was littered with large loose boulders which are always trouble. I had to stop suddenly on the hill climb and lost balance. It took a while to get the bike upright and then ride the remainder of the hill. Fortunately, no damage was done to bike or body.



  • coloured lines – recorded tracks by day,
  • orange dots – spotwalla waypoints (using BubbleGPS)
  • blue markers – recorded GPS points
  • white icons – symbols for Food, Fuel, Rest, Sightseeing, Law Enforcement and Bonus/Flag. green or yellow numbered banners – OK or custom text messages respectively, and
  • camera icons – photo icons may also me present.
Day 3: To Glenreagh

My first target from Taylors Arm was Killiekrankie Lookout. Horseshoe Road was well worn to begin but it got a little scratchy further along. It was obviousl that  very little traffic had passed by recently. One fallen tree would have stopped all 2WD vehicle traffic but I managed to crawl under it.

The final climb on foot to Killiekrankie Lookout was 700m almost straight up but the view to both the south-east and west across to Point Lookout was pretty spectacular. The road north from Killiekrankie was in very good condition and had virtually no traffic.

I tried to do an outside circuit thru Lowanna off Crossmaglen Rd but the track was marked ‘No Through Road’ and looked really sketchy. So I tracked back up the highway to Glenreagh. I’d probably rate that unmaintained track as Level 3. It might be OK if I was with another rider.

Day 4: To Casino

My exit from Glenreagh was via Shipmans Road to the south, then onto Black Mountain Rd which were good forest tracks The real fun, however, started north of Nymboida on Doboy Rd and thru Ramornie National Park and State Forest.

I tried to get thru to Whiporie from Coaldale in two places but both tracks were marked ‘No Through Road’ so I didn’t chance it and jumped through to Casino on Busbys Flat Road. [update] I’ve since been told it’s quite easy to go via Barrets Creek and Mount Marsh Rd in either direction so that’s on the agenda for next time.

Also next time, instead of going thru Coaldale, I could go the long way around west through Cangai Rd and Coombadjha Road along the Mann River.

Day 5: To Kyogle

The road was asphalt from Casino up thru Naughtons Gap to Jiggi but after that the road gets quite sketchy until you get through the Davis and Lodge Road. I’d classify these tracks at Level 2. The tracks weren’t marked at all so I had to stop and knock on a door for directions.

It’s a funny place, Nimbin. It seems to be locked in the 70s. But I’m told things are changing due to increased property prices so if still want to sample the old Nimbin atmosphere, you’d better get up there quickly.

I was very disappointed about The Border National Park – Tweed Range Scenic Drive being closed. I had to go around via Kyogle but a puncture on the way to Wiangaree put an early end to my day. Some help from a local who offered me his garage to do an emergency tyre change was much appreciated and I can highly recommend Kyogle Motorcycles who dropped everything to change my tyre and put a new tube in it. Great service and good price too.

Day 6: To Tenterfield

The morning started with a quick run up to Sheepstation Campground on the western end of Tweed Range Scenic Drive. From there I took some drone footage of the Spiral Loop at the Lookout before running up to Rathdownie and starting the return journey home.

South to Kyogle from Sheepstation Camground (click to enlarge)

Paddys Flat Road through Urbenville to Bruxner Highway was a bit rough but a great run and it was only a short run down to Tenterfield for the night.

Day 7: To Ebor

Currs Road, Coxs Road and Ten Mile Rod out of Tenterfield were all fantastic tracks. I’d do them all again in a heartbeat. The video has some footage of the almost cross country section of the track. The next leg thru Old Glen Innes Road is now a favourite and didn’t disappoint with a good mix of asphalt and gravel through to the old tunnel.

After Glens Creek Road to Nymboida, I slabbed it down Armidale Road to Ebor.

Day 8: Return from Ebor

Day 8 started with a stop at Point Lookout. It was good to get the east looking view back to Killiekrankie which is only 13km away, as the crow flies. It’s a pity there are only walking tracks joining the two lookouts but I’m sure the hike is a nice one.

Point Lookout – Killiekrankie centre (click to enlarge)

I followed Forest Way and Kempsey Road to Bellbrook. I’ve done this track before in heavy rain so it was nice to experience it in the dry the second time. Kempsey Road has had some maintenance work done since the last time. The lower sections were in good condition.

By Noon and after a bite to eat in Bellbrook, I decided to make a run for home down the M1 from Kempsey so I put some air in the tyres and gunned it. It only took 3:42 from Bellbrook to Home.

The ride took one more day than planned because of the puncture in Wiangaree but it was a great way to spend a week even though I didn’t end up using the tent as much as I had planned.

Next Time

In conclusion, I think all the planning really paid off and I’m left with a couple of ‘Next Time’ additions. I’d like to get into Whiporie over those mountains and the detour along the Mann River would be good to see.

1 – drop on Coachwood Rd
1 – rear puncture (torn valve stem) – Wiangaree

Planned: 2000kms; Actual: 2,144kms

Ambient Temp 17-34C
Max Engine Temp (at front rocker cover)
Max Revs
Max Speed
Road Conditions no rain
all roads dry & dusty
some causeways
very little water

ADV Ride Reports (RR)

Ride Reports and Plans

metaMotoADV Ride Reports (RR) start with a Ride Plan (RP). I express my Plans with routes which are the result of a lot of research. I use planning tools detailed on the Planning and Mapping page.


My preferred way of recording the track is to use the Locus Maps record option because it’s part of my navigation system. The Spotwalla system with the Bubbler GPS Pro App keeps my position visible to family members when I’m within mobile range. I compile a ride report after I finish each ride. I can overlay the recorded track from Locus onto the Spotwalla way points because it fills in the gaps on the track between marker points. Then it’s time to provide more detailed information about road conditions, degree of difficulty and trip highlights.

Bubbler GPS records my position every ten minutes. These points are joined with straight lines. They don’t follow a road like a navigation route so it’s clearer to overlay the recorded track and show the exact path I traveled.

Enfield Range Road

Tracking data, statistics, photos and video, cautions and commentary all go to assist the next plan. Perhaps this information assists others with their plans.

Sometimes there are changes to Open Street Maps (OSM) required to help future adventurers. So as part of my workflow, I try to log these changes under my OSM account. You can review these changes here.

A Ride Report follows a content template which has of the following report sections:

  • A distance table including fuel stops and range required
  • A map
  • Ride Highlights
  • A video
  • A read more section includes resources used for the trip
  • Statistics including any incidents
  • General road conditions
  • OSM Corrections
  • Degree of Difficulty as described on this website.
Chichester State Forest

Here’s an example of the recorded tracks I have for Chichester State Forest. There are lots of tracks in the forest. You can go there as a day trip or stay overnight at Frying Pan Campground. These are a few tracks you can explore….


Chichester State Forest GPX 2.21 MB 18 downloads

Chichester State Forest is in "my backyard". There are lots of tracks which range...

There is also a wide variety in degree of difficulty for these tracks. They are not all easy, nor are they all hard. I would broadly classify the tracks included here as good beginner tracks other than:

  • Terrible Billy Road
  • Cherry Tree Road (gap in track mid way)
  • Karuah River Ford on Mountain Road (not the north ford on Kanungra Road)

The tracks and river crossing nominated above are in the Level 3 degree of difficulty