Ride Plans (RP)

I’m always planning a trip. Check out the Ride Reports for completed rides. Or check the sub-menu for current plans. Some of the previous plans are listed below and some of these are now completed.

The Scrapheap ride to Pooncarie was October 3-7, 2018.

A ride thru Flinders Ranges was straight after that: October 8-15 , 2018

So there’s still Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island and Tasmania to go…

I may need to do Tasmania next by going south via the Victorian Highlands to Port Melbourne.

rough Route:

Leg 1: Hunter Valley, Wisemans Ferry, Turon Gate, Parkes, Ivanhoe, Pooncarie (for the Scrapheap – Downs Syndrome NSW)
Leg 2: Pooncarie to Yunta
Leg 3: Flinders Ranges Loop: Yunta, Arkaroola Village, Nepabunna, Natawarrina, Blinman, Hawker, Crystal Brook, Adelaide
Leg 4: Kangaroo Island
Leg 5: Cape Jervis to Torquay
Leg 6: Tasmania Circuit
Leg 7: From Melbourne north via High Country – see Victorian Highlands

Planning Tools

The tools I use to plan my trips consist of:

  • Garmin Basecamp
  • Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • Google Streetview

The maps I use are based on OpenStreetMap built from the geofabrik source map for Australia.

I process the geofabrik .pbf file using MapUploader and I use my own .TYP file for processing the maps which can be edited with TYPWiz.

I also use the contours and digital elevation data (DEM) settings when making my maps which provides a lot of help when assessing my routes.

Google Earth is useful when reviewing routes from Basecamp. Unfortunately the Basecamp version 4.7 no longer has the menu option for calling Google Earth so I stick to version 4.6. Google Maps is the best way to review 3D imagery of the country when you lay the map over. Streetview is also good to check road surface and the extent of sealed roads. Not all roads have Streetview imagery.

For more details on these tools see the Planning/Mapping Tools page.

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