Scrapheap 8 to Tingha (RR)


My first Scrapheap ride. A great bunch of people and a very friendly atmosphere all the way there and back. The tracks chosen were fantastic. Views over Liverpool Plain, some really good tracks thru the plain. Early on the second day, we all got foxed by this long section of marble road surface. It had everyone stopping and scratching their heads over whether their tyre inflation was right. It was… It was just a wild surface like running on 1 inch glass marbles.

The road back thru Kentucky and Nundle Stat Forest was a really nice ride. My first time thru Glenrock and Barry Stations and the river crossings all had water.

The long run thru Tomalla had some great views and it seemed like a long way down into the Woko Campground. We arrived at about 7pm.



General Route

Scrapheap 8 to Tingha GPX 2.14 MB 5 downloads

The Scrapheap 8 ride to Tingha started in Denman. This package contains 3 tracks...


Number of Riders

A really great bunch of people. A lot of different bikes. I enjoyed the corner man system you get to wave at everyone a number of times thru the day instead of nav rides where you sometimes only see some people at dinner time.

More information about the rides at the Scrapheap Adventure Ride Website and about Down Syndrome at Down Syndrome NSW website.




Camping all the way – Quirindi, Tingha and Woko on the way back

OSM Map Corrections



Planned: 1,300kms 

Ambient Temp 7-23C
Road Conditions no rain all roads dry & dusty some causeways very little water
Costs Fuel: $95 O/N: $20 (plus meals) Tyres: $25

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