Myall Lakes NP (RR)

Ride Report: 15 July 2018


  • Colored tracks are planned route, replace by red line as recorded track when completed,
  • orange dots are spotwalla data points (using BubbleGPS)
  • blue markers are recorded GPS points.
  • There may picture icons which contain photos and standard message icons for breaks.
  • S & F – start and finish.

The old railway bridge on Horses Creek Road and the 2.5kms of single track – Whites Trail – which runs off Glen Road.

General Route

Myall Lakes GPX 1.23 MB 4 downloads

One GPX track through the Myall Lakes National Park to The Glen Nature Reserve and...

A “latte run” to Wang Wauk State Forest, The Glen Nature Reserve, Ghin Doo-ee  National Park and Myall Lakes National Park.

Number of  Riders

Whites Trail runs into Jeep Trail and the south end of Bourkes Road. This is the eastern Whites Trail – see below for the western Whites Trail. Bourkes Road is missing from OSM but is a dead-end to the north on Google Maps. The LPI NSW map shows Bourkes Road running back to Glen Road. Something to check next time.

Google Maps is accurate with the regard to the position of the intersection of Kings Mountain Trail and Cabbage Tree Road. Kings Mountain Track is missing from OSM which needs to be corrected. Kings Mountain Track on OSM is actually Little River Trail so it needs to be renamed and re-aligned.

The LPI NSW map definitely shows a track from Cabbage Tree Rd just south of the Comms Station to Terreel Road. This one appears to finish at Terreel Road through a property gate. There’s also another Whites Trail running west off Jeep Trail (north of Kings Mountain Trail) which also joins Strangers Corner Road.

Terreel Road actually runs north to Glen Road. Strangers Corner Road runs off Terreel Road to the west and connects with the western Whites Trail.

The Comms Station along Cabbage Tree Road was the highest elevation for the day at 671m. The highest point along Koolonook Rd was 354m.



OSM Map Corrections

Open Street Maps was missing the single track service road (Whites Trail) joining  The Glen Road to Jeep Trail. Little River Trail was incorrectly named Kings Mountain Trail and Kings Mountain Trail was also missing. The LPI NSW basemap shows the track alignments. Terreel Road and Bourkes Road have also been extended north to The Glen Road.

Next Time

Try to connect Cabbage Tree Rd with Terreel Rd and The Glen Rd


Actual: 350kms

Trip Log: Ambient Temp 9-16C; Max Engine Temp 137C (at front Rocker Cover); Conditions: no rain, all roads dry except for sections of Cabbage Tree Rd near the Comms Station; Fuel $24.