The Hunter Dual Sport Facebook Group offers the following download of maps for Basecamp. The map set is built from the OpenStreetMap source and includes Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data.

Follow the instructions below to download and install the maps set into your Basecamp installation.

Step 1:
Open this link to a OneDrive folder share

Step 2:
Click on HDS AUS Maps.exe to download the initial setup file. Exit Basecamp if you have it open.

Step 3:
Run the installation and follow the prompts. Confirm the defaults in the setup unless you are sure you need to change them.

Step 4:
Click the “img files” folder to open the folder. You should see all the *.img files listed. 

Click the top selector next to Name to select all the files in one step. Then click Download from the top menu and choose to save the files into the default folder created by the installer: C:\Garmin\Maps\HDS AUS Maps

Depending on your operating system or the version of OneDrive you are running, the download may be a .zip file of all the selected .img files. In this case you should locate the .zip file, right click on it and extract all to ‘here’ or the same location. (i.e. C:\Garmin\Maps\HDS AUS Maps). Don’t extract to a new folder ‘img files’, within the HDS AUD Maps folder.

When the extraction is finished, you can delete the .zip file you downloaded to conserve disk space.

Step 5:
Open Basecamp and select HDS AUS Maps form the drop down menu selector or the Maps Menu.