Workflow – Step 3 – EXIF information

Capture06Once the scanning process has delivered a 200+Mb file, it’s time to implant EXIF information. If it’s done now, before importing into LR or PS etc, it will be there forever (so to speak) and continue on in any of the forms of output.

I have found ExifTool with ExifToolGUI as the best way forward with this task. I can save a few version of a Workspace which declares certain repetitive EXIF properties and assign these default properties with one click. Then it’s only a matter of setting the Dates, FNumber, ExposureTime and saving the file. I source the latter from my film logs.

I have a Workspace version for each of my two lenses and as time goes on, I may have additional files. When I do a batch scanning of my Minolta slides, I can have a workspace for this setup.

See Workflow – Step 4 – Post Process