Workflow – Step 4 – Post Process

So I have finally arrived at the last stop of importing my photos into Lightroom where I catalog, spot removal, exposure adjustment, final cropping and export to a print ready file, or export to Flickr or other website.

I have just sent off my first file for printing. The lab wanted the file as a TIF, in 8bit, at 254dpi. To make the best of the discounted  printing deal they offer, it has to be exactly 20×30″.

LR Settings






This is easy to achieve as long as the original is slightly higher resolution, which it is when scanned at 2400ppi. The only slight downside with this deal is that 20×30″ is not the same aspect ratio as the 4×5″ negative.

I can either crop the 4″ dimension of overrun the 5″ side. For the moment I am printing a 20×25″ which incurs more cost. I’ll post an update shortly.

The photo I am printing is show here. It offered a good test of some spot removal and exposure settings. Whatever comes back will provide a good learning curve to future efforts.