Victorian Highlands (RP)

Here’s an interesting way to get to Port Melbourne from Canberra which avoids the Hume Highway and takes in  a bit of the Victorian Highlands (43% gravel).

Route Plan
Day 1 – Canberra to Taylors Crossing Campsite

The first leg runs thru Cooma and Jindabyne and then via Barry Way and Limestone Road to Benambra.

Shop in Benambra for dinner and breakfast at the campsite. Alternatively, pub stay in Benambra and don’t camp that night – save a 34km round trip to Taylors Crossing.

Destination Distance Arrive Depart
Canberra     11:15 AM
Jindabyne 164 1:45 PM 2:15 PM
Benambra 210    
Taylors Crossing Campsite 17 3:30 PM  
Total 390    
Fuel Range (Jindabyne to Benambra) 210    
Gravel (Barry Way and Limestone Rd) 140    

Benambra Pub has single rooms for $50 incl breakfast.

Day 2 – Taylors Crossing to Horseyards Flat

Breakfast in Omeo, lunch in Dargo. Shop in Briagalong for dinner at campsite.

Either run up to Pinnacles Lookout after setting up the tent or in the morning – or both depending on the road.

Destination Distance Arrive Depart
Taylors Crossing     9:00 AM
Omeo 43 9:45 PM 10:30 AM
Dargo 134 11:45 AM  12:45 PM 
Briagalong 78 2:00 PM  2:30 PM
Horseyards Flat 56 3:30 PM   
Round trip to Pinnacles Lookout 20    
Total 331    
Fuel Range (Omeo to Dargo) 134    
Gravel  (Dargo Highplains Rd) 48    
Gravel (Freestone and Marathon Rds) 99    

Golden Age Hotel in Omeo – $50 single rooms…

Day 3 – Horseyards Flat to Port Melbourne

A late breakfast in Licola and late lunch in Marysville.

Ferry departure is 7:30PM for an overnight passage.

Destination Distance Arrive Depart
Horseyards Flat     9:00 AM
Licola 78 10:45 AM 11:30 AM
Marysville 135 1:30 PM  2:30 PM 
Waterfront Place 103 4:30 PM  
Total 316    
Fuel Range (Licola to Marysville) 135    
Gravel (3 various) 141    

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