Nundle Overnight (RR)

Ride report: 02-03 November 2018
  • Pheasants Creek Road – joins Barrington Tops Forest Road with Tomalla Road. Great scenery and really good track.
  • Nowendoc Road from Nowendoc in the north along the Cooplacurripa, Rowleys and Nowendoc Rivers to Caffreys Flat in the south.


  • red line as recorded track,
  • orange dots are spotwalla data points (using BubbleGPS) – 10 minute intervals
  • There may picture icons which contain photos and standard message icons for breaks.
  • S & F – start and finish.
general route

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2 Tracks - IN and OUT from McDonalds Raymond Terrace to Nundle overnight. The OUT...

From Raymond Terrace, via:

East Seaham, Glen Martin Road, Mashdale, Dungog, Monkerai to Gloucester. Then Barrington Tops Forest Road, Pheasants Creek Road, Tomalla,  Pages Creek Road, Sergeants Gap, thru Crawney Station and Crawney Road to Nundle.

Forest Way, Topdale Road and Thunderbols Way to Nowendoc, then Nowendoc Road to Bundook and Belbora Creek Rd to The Buckett’s Way.

Krambach south through Bunyah and then Koolonock Road through Bulahdelah State Forest to Wootton Way.

Number of Riders

The 6kms of Pheasants Creek Road to Tomalla Road was quite special. The track was a really nice cobble stone like surface and very well maintained by NPs. The vegetation was varied and very attractive.

A fantastic alternative to Barry and Glenrock Station crossing between Nundle and Ellerston. The run through Crawney Station is a really nice track. Sergeants Gap is pretty steep and even though uphill seems easier in most cases than downhill, I’m not sure if I’d like to go south and uphill thru Sergeants Gap. But that’s just my first memory of it.

Nowendoc Road was also a highlight, I love those valleys where you see the track wind out in front over and through all the hills. An ever present river adds scenic charm and the road is well maintained –  a “commodore road”.

Koolonock Road thru Buladelah State Forest is a favourite of mine. It runs along a ridge so avoids the sort of damage brought by heavy rains. But this time it was obvious there had been very little traffic lately. As a result the leaf litter was heavy, making it difficult to read the track surface. As a result there were frequent shocks and the need for caution along most the track.




Overnight accommodation at Peel Inn Hotel, Nundle. Good value at $45/n share twin incl hot breakfast.

OSM Map Corrections



Actual 695kms

Ambient Temp 21-37C
Max Engine Temp (at front rocker cover) 127C
Road Conditions no rain
all roads dry & dusty
some causeways
very little water
Costs Fuel: $40
O/N: $45 (incl breakfast)
Tyres: finished my motoz tractionator