SiLOS on the Air

The SiLOS-on-the-Air program started in 2021. Another reason for getting out and about and visiting those interesting silos with murals. The silo art trail and calendar are a nice complement to working silos. 

Generally, silos are not radio friendly because they are often co-located with high RF noise sources. But the rules permit a 1km radius to work in so you can scout a position which mitigates this interference. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.







A recent trip  from  Canberra  to  Bathurst  took in a list of Silos Starting in Boorowa, then Bendick Murrell, Wattamondara, Noonbinna, Cowra, Holmwood, Bathurst and Kelso.


There are several Silos in my “local” area, Cardiff, Kooragang, Carrington, Moscheto Island and Stroud.