Large Format – Sydney Coast

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We think we know our city well. But all too often we limit ourselves to our favourite places. We return to them often and rarely venture further afield.

This project is a collection of large format photographs which have been taken contemporaneously over several months. They follow the Sydney coastline of the Eastern Suburbs and hopefully show places we’ve forgotten about or never realised existed.

The photos are all black & white and follow a similar convention. They all contain elements of the coastline and ocean and try to depict our never ending engagement with sand and sea.

All photos are taken on Ilford HP5Plus 400 ISO film and stand developed. See other posts here for the a full description of the equipment and workflow used to produce them.

In attempting to keep a reasonably high production level, some photos may appear for only a short time, being replaced by better quality or more appropriate shots.

Feel free to comment or follow the project as it progresses.