Explore Flinders Ranges – Part A

This ride was planned as separate legs to Yunta and then south from Arkaroola through the Flinders Ranges in 2 parts. The actual ride through Flinders was cut short but I have left the I have left the 2 part originals here: and in Part B.

Yunta to Adelaide

via Arkaroola

The second leg sees us travel over 300kms west to Yunta and go north to Arkaroola before returning to Adelaide.

The trip around the Flinders Ranges will pass through Balcanoona, Arkaroola, Yandinna, Nepabunna, Natawarrina, Angorochina, Blinman, Wilpena Pound and then Hawker and Quorn on the way back into Adelaide.

We will need permits to go through Nepabunna Aboriginal and permission to go through Narrina Station.

This is a slightly shortened version and in reverse of the route done by these guys in 2010.

5 days, 1,340kms in total from Yunta to Inglewood

October 9-13, 2018

There’s a nice track approximately 300km up the Murraylands Road from Adelaide for anyone wanting to meet us at Sturt Vale and Eastern Road. We will be arriving about 1:45pm on 8 October. But we will leave a sign at the intersection when we leave so anyone arriving to find the sign will know we have left for Yunta which is an overnight so there’s no way you will miss us.

Day 1 – Yunta to Arkaroola
Destination Distance Arrive Depart
BP Yunta (dep 09.10.2018) 8:00 AM
Waukaringa Hotel Ruin 82 9:30 AM 10:00 AM
Arkaroola (overnight) 235 1:00 PM
Total 324
Fuel Range (Yunta to Arkaroola) 316

The campsite is about 9km west of Arkaroola. We have time to explore a few things in the area today. There are several options.

Read more from some resources here:

Day 2 – Arkaroola to Artimore
Destination Distance Arrive Depart
Arkaroola (dep 10.10.2018) 8:00 AM
Old Illinawortina ruin 23 9:30 AM 10:00 AM
Nepabunna (permit required) 75 11:30 AM
Pinda Springs (lunch) 56 12:30 PM
Narrina Station (permission req’d) 12 12:45 PM 1:15 PM
Artimore (overnight) 37 2:30 PM
Total 203
Fuel Range (Angorichina Store) 270

There are a few ruins to visit today. We should drop in to the Nepabunna Visitors Centre.

Read more from some resources here:

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