Scrapheap 10 to Evans Head (RR)

Day 2 starting line, Australian Hotel at Wingham
Ride report: 1-6 October 2019

The destination for the 2019 Scrapheap adventure ride was Camp Koinonia in Evans Head, NSW.

General Route

The planned route included overnight stops in Wingham and Dorrigo, intending to cover as much off-road ground as possible. Fortunately, good weather prevailed for the 3 day ride, the stopover and the one day return.


Scrapheap 10 to Evans Head GPX 2.57 MB 8 downloads

The Scrapheap 10 ride to Camp Koinonia in Evans Head started in Wisemans Ferry. Tracks...

The route from Wisemans Ferry was available prior to departure. I joined the riders in Wingham.

More information about the ride is at the Scrapheap Adventure Ride Website and about Down Syndrome at Down Syndrome NSW website.

We lost one rider on Day 1, at the northern end of Settlers Road near Bucketty with possible broken ribs. A near broken toe on someone else but the show went on.

Highlights of the second day were Toms Creek Road, the run through Ballengarra State Forest and the run up Blairs Road north of Missabotti

Highlights of the third day were the Giant Tallowwood north of Dorrigo, the run through Nymboi-Binderay National Park and the run from Whiporie to Bungawalbyn
Toms Creek Road


  • red line as recorded track,
Route Plan
Wingham to Dorrigo
Destination Distance Arrive Depart
Puma – South Kempsey 166 12:30pm  
Willawarrin – Lunch 53 1:14pm 1:45pm
Bowraville 58 3:06pm  
Blairs Road 16 3:20pm  
Dorrigo 53 4:25pm  
Total 346    
Route Plan
Dorrigo to evans Heads
Destination Distance Arrive Depart
Dorrigo     8:46am
Giant Tallowwood 20 9:12am  
Lowanna 24 9:59am  
Nymboi-Binderay NP 22 10:20am  
Coutts Crossing – Lunch 45 11:18am 12:25pm
Grafton 20 12:40pm  
Whiporie 74 1:30pm  
Evans Head 63 3:00pm  
Total 268    
Bridge in Ballengarra State Forest

Toms Creek Road is a favourite. A beautiful view from the south as you negotiate the switchbacks down into the valley and then a fast run to the north.

Blairs road is only about 3km long but climbs over 250m. The track is quite twisty and has a lot of pronounced erosion mounds making it difficult not to jump. On this day the track had been recently graded and was smooth and fast.

We raced past the giant tallowwood north of Dorrigo so if you weren’t quick to look up to the right as you passed, you missed it.

The track through Ballengarra State Forest was in good condition and finished with a tricky little log bridge.

The track north from Whiporie was most straight and flat so it good practice for some high speed bends.

Sadly a baby whale washed up overnight on Evans Head Beach, Cause of death was unknown.

Baby whale washed up on Evans Head Beach

The event raised over $90,000 for Down Syndrome NSW. More information about the rides at the Scrapheap Adventure Ride Website and about Down Syndrome at Down Syndrome NSW website.

over 100 – teams from Inverell, Mollymook and around Sydney and the north Coast.
several – one rider retired

Actual: 1,164kms -not including Day 1 to Wingham, includes return

Road Conditions dry all days
day 2 mostly gravel
day 3 blacktop after lunch to Whiporie then back to gravel