Bridal Track – Hill End (NSW) (RR)

20th May 2018

A trip to Bathurst via St Albans, Upper Colo and Turon Gates, followed by a run up the Bridal Track and then a return journey via Upper Turon and Razorback Rd to Bylong then Ringwood Rd to Merriwa and Scone. The final patch of gravel was Albano Rd at Bowmans Creek.

razorback near bridal track
View south from Razorback Road

A highlight on the way there was Wheelbarrow Ridge Trail which is a shortcut along Wheelbarrow Ridge Road through the Parr State Conservation Area. A nice bush track which seems to see very little maintenance but also seems to have very little 4WD traffic. It follows the top of a ridge and is probably the reason for very little erosion.

The country west of the mountains and north of Bathurst was sadly, very dry. There was no water at all in the Turon River at the Bridle Track south of Hill End. Only a couple of feet of water in the Macquarie at Root Hog Trail crossing.

Ringwood Road was wide and sweeping and surprisingly had a lot of long sand which added some spice.

The view all along the ridge of Albano Road from Rouchel Road to Bowmans Creek was spectacular. A nice sunny day probably made all the difference. A really quiet road with plenty of visibility.


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Thsi package contains 2 tracks - Bridal Track NSW and western loop thru Long Point...