Mid North Coast (RR)

View south from Kosekai

This was a RideADV navigation ride starting and finishing in Lake Cathie. It was fully supported and followed some great tracks out thru Waichope, up the Forbes River along Cockerawombeeba Trail thru Kookaburra to Williwarrin for fuel. After lunch we went up to Kosekai Lookout and while some riders felt like the challenge of Jacobs Ladder, there was an alternative route for heavier bikes back to Nambucca.

The next day was described as a “gentleman’s adventure ride” and weaved it’s way thru what I describe as Disneyland (Greenhills Road) in the Ngambaa Nature Reserve, fuel in Kempsey and a run past Cresent Head to Ferry at Port Macquarie.

A breakout run was taken my quite a few down the beach side – Plomer Road.



General Route

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Number of Riders

I added 2 days to this ride by way of the ride up via Killabakh and a ride back via Crowdy Head, Forster and Seal Rocks.

OK – so fully supported rides have a lot to offer, tested routes, a support vehicle etc. But there are some cons as well.

The people who come on these rides are time poor and want to focus on riding hard. They are also mostly repeat patrons so there is a sort of clicky group thing going on. I don’t detract from all this at all, good luck to them doing their thing. But it’s not for me generally speaking. I like to know where I’m going in advance. I like to have a purpose for going there other than riding as fast as I can to get there. and I like to be able to answer a hypothetical question – “Do you know where you went today?”. Generally riders on these rides have little interest in these issues – they’re concentrating on the rider in front all day till the beer is served. There – I’ve made my peace.

But I’m glad I started riding this way, in the knowledge that a support vehicle was following behind ready to help if I needed it. And that’s what you pay for.




2 nights at Lake Cathie and one at Nambucca, motel style rooms.

OSM Map Corrections



Planned: 1,100kms

Ambient Temp 14-30C
Road Conditions no rain all roads dry & dusty some causeways very little water
Costs Fuel: $80 O/N: $300 (plus meals) Tyres: $25